I live in Chicago, IL with my husband, Gordon.  In my spare time, I pretty much work on the 66 Motels project or (let's face it) watch Bravo's wide range of snarky reality tv shows.   

And I recently discovered, through the use of the wesabe social networking and personal accounting website, that I spend ONE THIRD of my income on travel!  I knew it was a lot, but I didn't realize it was that much until I ran the numbers.  Thanks for nothing, wesabe!  Actually, it turns out that a lot of that travel is for the 66 Motels project.  And the rest is for things like my honeymoon.


I earned my Master's in City Planning and a Certificate in Urban Design from the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006.  As an undergraduate in Visual and Environmental Studies and History at Harvard University, a directed a documentary film, "In Mound Bayou", which played at the 2001 Black Maria Film Festival and won Best Documentary at the 2001 Magnolia Film Festival.   

I'm also a proud alumna of the City Year program in Columbia, South Carolina (1996-1997).  

Awards and Grants

From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 

2008, Lawrence B. Anderson Grant for Documentation of the Built Environment

2008, Graham Foundation for the Fine Arts Grant

2007, Ralph Adams Cram Award for the Best Thesis Written by a Master's Student at the School of Architecture and Planning (for "Route 66, Where Are You?")

2006, 2022 Foundation Grant for Research about Urban Planning in China

2006, Flora Crockett Stephenson Writing Prize for the Best Paper Written by a Master's Student in Planning

2005, Emerson Travel Award

2005, Kelly Douglas Fund Award for Research.

From Harvard University:

1999, Rudolph Arnheim Prize for Interdisciplinary Thesis Work

1998, Harvard College Research Award

Other Recognition:

2008, White House Project/WomenRule Leadership Award

2007, Finalist, Mikla Bliznakov Award from the International Archive of Women in Architecture (with Professor Eran Ben-Joseph)

2001, Third Prize, Black Maria Film Festival for "In Mound Bayou"

2001, Winner Best Documentary, Black Maria Film Festival

1997, City Year Service Award, City Year, Columbia


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