February 12, 2009

A few more new photos up - the Blue Swallow (as if there aren't already enough photos of this place!  Check out the ephemera....) as well as two abandoned motels, formerly the Plains Motel and the Country Court, both in Oklahoma.  The Country Court photos are pretty depressing, because it's clear that there was a fire there recently and all the furniture and possessions of the inhabitants were cleared out and thrown into a big pile in front of the property.  This seems to have happened a while ago, and a quick google search doesn't pull up any articles about what happened. 

It looks like the kind of place where there could have been meth use or production, or it's just as likely that there was an electrical or kitchen fire, because who knows what kind of shape the place was in before it happened?  Anyway, it's sad not only because of what looks like the permanent loss of a historic property, but also because of the signs of regular life that are left behind - an old chair, a makeup compact, blankets, appliances, one laceless boot.  It makes me wonder who's going to "clean" the site, but really, what would that mean?  Moving these things from one lot to another?  So much waste.  Believe me, I buy more than I need and sometimes even spend more than I make, but it still kills me to see so many objects rendered useless.  

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