February 22, 2009

New photos - some abandoned places in northeastern Oklahoma as well as some revamped photos from Jack Patel's Desert Hills.  This is the motel and the owner that made me want to do this project.  Although you would never know it from the photos.  When I started, I was using a point and shoot camera.  After realizing how much I actually enjoyed taking these photos and doing this project, I invested in a better camera (a Canon XSi) and just generally started taking the project more seriously.  All other photos on this site were taken with the nice camera, so I've been putting off posting these older photos, mostly because I was a bit ashamed of having had to ease my way into this project.  It's gotten more serious as I've gone along, so it hurts to look back at last April when I started and was so much more timid about the work.


But anyway, they're up now and they don't look so bad.  On the plus side, seeing them again and seeing how much the project has developed (in my mind) reminds me of how much I actually do care about this project.  And how sometimes you don't realize how much you care about something until you look back at the amount of time you've put into it.  As the first motel I stayed at since I decided to pursue the documentation project, and as the place that in 2005 first got me interested in Route 66, the Desert Hills means a lot to me - a lot more, I'm afraid, than is being conveyed by these snapshots.  But they're a start.  

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