July 8, 2009

New photos up at www.66motels.com!  It's taken me a couple of weeks to get my desk set up and feel like I can get back to work on the motels, but finally, I've gotten a little something done.  The new photos are of the Munger Moss, an institution in Lebanon, MO, that happens to sit right across the road from the Forest Manor (which, incidentally, has my favorite sign of all time).  I got the feeling that the owners of the two motels - two couples of the same generation - weren't particularly chummy.  Once the Forest Manor interview is transcribed, you can read more about this.  The Boese's seemed put out by the MM's total identification with Route 66, and in response they have more or less opted out of the nostalgia/biker/roadie market, instead creating a "country" vibe at their place, with decor that is heavy with reproduction primitive Americana - unfinished wooden beams, Uncle Sam whirligigs and the like.  That is, until you go inside and see the fantastic technicolor murals painted on by Ms. Boese, who I must say has a real eye for color.

But this too you'll have to check out on the other site - this one's getting too heavy with photos, and every day I get a notification from my hosting service that I'm over my storage limit.  Not by much - not enough for me to fix it right away - but enough that it's clear that the project needs to migrate fully over to the other site.  And from there, into ...an exhibit?  A book of some kind?  A proposal for a documentary in a different format?  The thing is, I really don't know.  Everything seems equally feasible/impossible. 

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