March 13, 2008

Friday the 13th!  A great day to post some creepy photos.  See new photos of some abandoned properties in Missouri (I wish I knew where, but I didn't take notes on where exactly, since these were all places that were not in any town that I could recognize - next time I'm buying a camera that captures GPS coordinates somewhere in the image file).  

Also I've posted some other creepy photos (creepy in a different way) from the Wishing Well and the Rest Haven Court in Springfield, MO.  I distinctly remember feeling like it wasn't a smart thing for me to be wandering around the Wishing Well alone, talking to the guys that lived there, however briefly.  They all seemed nice enough, but traveling alone, you get nervous.  Plus I had been on the receiving end of some obnoxious whistling earlier from some of the men staying at the Rest Haven Court - something I normally associate with downtown construction workers harassing me in a vaguely flirtatious manner while I'm walking to the drugstore on the crowded streets of Cambridge, not predatory construction workers renting a room next to me in a flimsy motel with doors and walls as thin as paper. 

On safety - when I'm traveling for this project and staying at cheap motels by myself, I do get a little jittery, even on everyone's favorite historic highway.  I don't think violent crime is less likely there than anywhere else; I'm not sure that it's not more likely.  In the daytime, I usually feel safe on Route 66 - like my car could break down and some friendly local would pull over and help me out.  But at night, at the motels, it's a different story.  Yes, I have been known to push a dresser in front of the door to my room.  I know this is kind of crazy, and not a little dangerous itself, since a fire is more likely than a break-in, but it also helps me sleep.

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