May 11, 2009

I'm getting ready to move to Chicago, as probably anyone who's reading this already knows, which will probably only benefit the motel project.  Chicago is, after all, the start/end of Route 66.  The problem is that moving takes so much time and energy (as does looking for a new job, friends, apartment...), that I'm worried that it will be another two months before I post anything here or have anything to add to the site. 

But the good news is, is up and running!  It's not exactly the magical perfect interface I've always dreamed of, but for now I've traded design magic for efficiency and am working with an existing Sandvox template to get the photos up and organized by site/owner.  The next step is to not only finish up Missouri's photos and interview transcripts, but to start posting bits of text and transcript from the interviewees - probably on the Owners page, so that you can read something from each owner when you click on his or her picture.  Also, I have a ton of great stuff from the April trip to Arizona that I'm really excited to dig into, but probably not for at least a month.  I think the focus needs to be on getting more text/interview content onto the new site.   

Also, having nothing to do with motels, I have point out Elizabeth Dodge's starmaking turn on NPR's Marketplace today - how amazing was her reading of "One Art"?  She read the poem so naturally, as if she read poetry out loud to a national audience every day, which I imagine is a lot harder to do than it seems.  That's my sister, people!  And since I'm linking today, I hear that one of Boston's best Forrest yoga teachers now has his own website.  Peter Crowley, you know your web stats are going to be spiking after this!  No, no, no commission for me (but aren't you nice to offer it!)  Just seeing your business take off is its own reward.   

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