May 30, 2009

Now I have the problem/opportunity of figuring out what this blog is supposed to do, since the 66 Motels project now has a new home over at For good measure, I want to post here a link that I just posted there, to Sepia Mutiny, another blog which magically heard about the 66 Motels project (from the National Trust posting?) and put up their own posting about it.  Thanks, guys!  

Now I'm pretty sure that I want to start using "desi", as in "Desi Curators of Americana," but I think I need some practice first.  I'm not exactly fluent in my use of homeboy, paesano, or boricua (all parallels, according to the experts), so I'm going to start slowly and embrace the fact that it will always sound stilted, coming from someone who obviously isn't part of the south Asian diaspora.   Like, "Hey, I love the desi component of this research project!", etc.  

Thoughts?  Peter Crowley?  

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